• the new wireless alarm system

    always connected to you

how it works


1-2 Activation

Remote controls, badges, and LCD keypads activate the alarm system.
Remote controls and badges allow individual and independent control, the keypads offer total or customized control for all users.
Last but not least the control unit with telephone connection enable remote control over the system.

3-4 Detection

A wide range of specific sensors that protect windows, doors, shutters, garage doors, detecting any house breaking. Small size sensors give zero aesthetical impact.

5 Analisys

The control unit conveys and elaborates information coming from the sensors,
control devices, horns and telephone line.
The control unit can be easily concealed,
avoid any attemps of tampering with it.

6-7 Deterrence

ANDROMEDA offers optimal protection through:
- indoor (112 dB) and outdoor (108 dB)
horns, that dissuade breakers and alert
the neighbourhood
- the flashing light, which clearly identifies
your home as a protected home.

5 Control

In case of intrusion, your system sends a
text message to 4 telephone numbers
of your choice.