• connect to the system from pc

    via the internet or smartphone

    with the free app


Local PC

The Andromeda system can be programmed, configured and monitored easily by means
of a PC, through your local network.

Remote PC

Through the Internet connection to the server www.alarmandromeda.eu you also can check
the images of any intruders or monitor your
home by video surveillance.

HTML interface

The Andromeda system is managed through a website in HTML format with a simple, effective and intuitive interface.
In addition to determining telephone numbers to be called or messages to be sent via SMS, with
just a click the link to the Andromeda website allows you to:

• add or remove elements (sensors or units)
of the system;
• name them, e.g. according to the respective places;
• pause elements in order to replace their batteries or service them;
• determine or redetermine the intervention zones;
• check the list of events;
• check the state of batteries, wireless link and GSM transmission;
• determine alarm programs;
• determine the management programs of shutters and lights, even in case of alarm;
• configure IP cameras.

IP cameras

With Andromeda, in case of an alarm you can check if it is an intrusion or a false alarm with
a Smartphone or telephone or via PC, checking
the images sent to the server www.alarmandromeda.eu by the IP cameras.
In case of an alarm, the cameras will send
1 image per second  for 120 seconds, of the place where they are installed or of the outside.
The IP cameras can also be used to check the home for a brief period of 120 sec. in live  mode.


Thanks to the free Andromeda Alarm application, with just a click you can control the Andromeda system as well as shutters and lights, at home or away.
With the IP surveillance camera, you can view the images linked to the alarm system or for video surveillance of the home.
The application compatible with the alarm system can be downloaded free via the Apple Store or Google Play.