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control unit

The control unit, the heart of your safety and security: together with the horns and the telephone notifier, it processes all events and activates the alarm and notifications in case of any danger.
Thanks to IP connection, you can check your home from everywhere in the world.
Anti-tamper detection: total immunity from unauthorized system disactivation.
Burglar-proof: the antennas are inside robust ABS enclosures to prevent radio emission range reduction. 433 MHz dual frequency-encrypted transmission: the use of a double frequency makes the system immune to potential interferences and blinding attemps. 24/7 surveillance: the system is always awake even when it is turned off, to be able to record unauthorized events such as tampering attempts or sensor blinding attempts.


It alerts you sending SMS text messages through the telephone network. Examples of notifications: ongoing housebreaking, system activation or disactivation, low charge battery, disturbed radio communication, tampering self protection. The control unit encompasses all the functions of your alarm system: aquisition, analysis and activation: 3 zone management, system status information, connection of up to 50 devices, safe radio transmission, tamper proof.

Cod. D113787