• take care of your security

the system

In order to make protection of your house more effective, Andromeda
splits the living space into 3 zones. You can use this advanced function to
obtain a configuration that perfectly matches your security requirments.
The system is able to manage separately different events such as someone
breaking into the property both inside or outside the house walls.
In case of someone breaking into the perimeter of your property without
getting acces into the house, the system can react with the acoustic alert or
even silently but effectively: the flashing light activates and the control unit
sends a text message to alert to the intrusion. A particular zone (ZONE A)
can be set with a delayed intervention to allow the owner to move into the
house through a predetermined path within a limited period of time without
triggering any action on the system. Andromeda’s flexibility will give you
highest security and safety with lowest effort!


Zone A: horn pre-alarm immediate intervention
or intervention from 30 to 120 seconds
Zona B:
horn pre-alarm immediate intervention
Zona C:
horn pre-alarm immediate intervention

during night

During night time, or when you are alone, doors, windows and the garage area are alarmed, while you can freely move inside the rest of your home.

during the day

During the day, when you’re home
you are protected against intrusion.

while asleep

While asleep, only lower floor
and the garage are protected.